GF335 Three Phase Power Analyzer is suitable for Power Company, technical supervision departments, Industrial,
mining, petroleum as well as chemicals, home appliances and manufacturing enterprises.


  1. Measuring energy consumption values - the precise timing measurements of electrical equipment for short-term energy consumption; energy resolution: milli-watts; time resolution: milli-second; they are difficult to available for common instrument of power. The functions are used by pumping, cranes, air conditioning and other equipment in a work cycle connected power consumpyion.
  2. The value of the measurement process- it can be recorded and tested continuously voltage, current, active power, reactive power and other electrical parameter values and curves in a dynamic process and graphically display.
  3. To measure the instantaneous values - including the exchange parameters: U, I, P, Q, PF, phase angle, frequency, harmonics, etc
  4. Measurement of harmonics - measurement / display voltage and current waveforms and harmonic bar graph.
  5. Check Meter - real live load calibration of various single-phase, three-phase energy meters.
  6. Vector analysis - based on the voltage, current, phase error of judgment wiring, display vector graphics.
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