LoRa point-to-point transparent transmission module

Support various power consumption mode and broadcast

Super small size encapsulation

Long communication distance, low power consumption, anti-interference and high sensitivity

Smart metering/Agricultural monitoring/Automation/Smart oil field

Basic function:

Point-to-point protocol version WH-L101-P

Realize point-to-point data transmission between two serial devices by two L101-P modules

Frequency band:

WH-L101 supports high frequency band version and low frequency band version, it also supports point-to-point protocol version and concentrator protocol version.


SX127X solution:

Ultra-low power demand design

Powerful anti-interference capacity

Low power consumption:

Greatly extend battery life, be adaptive to connection rate and sleep current can be only 3μA@3.3V.

Reduce power consumption

Long communication distance:

Long transmission distance and powerful penetrating power.

Data transmission is more stable than traditional mode.

 Be suited to long-distance data collection.

Anti-interference  High receiving sensitivity:

Unique signal frequency spectrum amplification

Receiving sensitivity can reach -138.5dBm


Smart metering

Can realize long-distance data collection to improve work efficiency

Low power consumption and adjustable  transmission rate, which can reduce battery change frequency

Arrange nodes reasonably which can help management and all-sided detection 

Smart oil field

Real-time detection to devices which can help management

Long-distance and wireless transmission, and free from the tariff cost

Powerful anti-interference capacity and data transmission won’t be influenced in harsh environment

Smart agriculture

Data transmission with low power consumption which can reduce operation cost

Timely and valid data transmission, and it can improve agricultural yield and avoid waste of resources

Long-distance and stable transparent transmission, and high-precision working process to help to increase revenue


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