Feature one: USR private protocol with networking to make use safe, reliable, flexible and convenient


USR LoRa gateway USR-LG220 has internally installed USR private protocol. LG220 can realize sequential data transmission of multiple nodes

without mutual interference and data encryption to make transmission security and accurate. Networking is connection between multiple nodes

and USR LoRa gateway USR-LG220 which can realize transmission from terminal to Cloud and user doesn’t need to care much about middle stages.

Feature two: Multiple work modes provide wide application field and adopt TDM technology which has low interference

Flexible and convenient networking can realize configuring work mode according to different application environment to be applied in diversity program.

TDM technology is to accurately transmit different signal at different times without mutual interference and user can receive accurate signal in the outdoors

wide area. 

Work mode one: Node active reporting mode

To reduce interference when user is uploading data and increase the data transmission accuracy, node active reporting mode has timing reporting

and early-warning reporting. Timing reporting will configure data reporting time for every node, wake up user device by timing node and upload

data; in early-warning reporting mode, user device will wake up LoRa node to upload data. Node active reporting mode is suited to smoke detector,

gas detection, trash can detection, smart oil field, etc.

 In the process of multiple nodes transmission, system will automatically configure data transmission time coordinate for every node and all nodes

will do sequential data transmission with LoRa gateway according to time coordinate.

Work mode two: Polling waking mode

Polling waking mode can reduce server load and LoRa gateway can automatically send data to node by simple configuration. For example, polling

node by Modbus command without server sending command and it can save network data flow. Polling waking mode is suited to smart metering,

sluice control, temperature and humidity monitor of granary, Modbus polling application, etc.

Work mode three: Data transparent transmission mode

LoRa module can realize data transmission with server directly by transparent transmission function of LoRa gateway and LoRa module.

Data transparent transmission mode is suited to applications which don’t need to consider power consumption, such as smart city, smart agriculture, etc.

Feature three: Provide MQTT/Socket protocol and support Cloud development

Support MQTT protocol, support USR Cloud function and provide multiple secondary development SDK to help user develop front-end page.

Features of WH-L101-C:

Ultra-low power consumption

In LoRa networking transmission system, WH-L101-C can realize super long standby time in low power consumption mode and power

consumption can reach 4 uA.

WH-L101-C supports USR Cloud

In LoRa networking transmission system, WH-L101-C can realize super long standby time in low power consumption mode and

power consumption can reach 4 uA.

Smart metering

Smart metering can be applied to meter water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. By LoRa wireless transmission system, cost is low and easy to implement.

In whole application, not only can receive accurate data, but also keep low power consumption.

Smart agriculture

By long communication distance, whole solution can realize accurate data transmission of status of agricultural irrigation, diseases and pests, fertilization, etc.

Solution can help to improve management level , reduce cost, know crops growth status timely and enhance economic performance.

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