Black Technology of future IoT-LoRa

  • Long communication distance, low power consumption, anti-interference, high sensitivity and low cost.
  • Good choice of communication project with long distance.
  • Support LoRaWAN protocol.

Smart metering/Oilfield production/Agricultural monitoring/Automation/Smart building

Ultra-low power consumption

Greatly extend battery life, be adaptive to connection rate and sleep current can be only 2μA.

Reduce power consumption

Long communication distance

Long transmission distance and powerful penetrating power.

Data transmission is more stable than traditional model.

Be suited to long-distance data collection.

Anti-interference  High sensitivity

Unique signal frequency spectrum amplification

Receiving sensitivity can reach -130dBm


Software watchdog design which can realize 24 hours stable operation


Dual 128AES encryption mechanism to provide secure communication mechanism

Three elements of security: confidentiality, integrality and availability. 

Work mode

Class A devices only enable receiving window when they are transmitting to maximize power consumption reduction

Power consumption comparison diagram of three work modes


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