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Product Description

Please note: This module has been released as WIZ750JR-EVB and has been renamed to WIZ750SR-100-EVB in January 2018.

The WIZ750SR-100-EVB is an evaluation board for the WIZ750SR-100 Serial to Ethernet module. It contains the following parts: the WIZ750SR-100 evaluation board equipped with the WIZ750SR-100 module, a Cat 5 Ethernet cable, a RS232 cable and a micro USB type B cable. The WIZ750SR-100 is the serial to Ethernet module using W7500 & IC+PHY Chip.


  • Serial to Ethernet Module based on W7500 & PHY chip
  • Serial signals : TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND (DTR, DTS optional)
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Max.230kbps serial speed

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Additional Information

Dimension 70 x 105 mm
Ethernet I/F PHY
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +70 °C
Operating Voltage 5 V
Functions 4-in-1, MCU+TCP/IP+MAC+PHY
Auto Negotiation Yes
Network sockets count 8
internal DPRAM buffer memory 32 kB
Package stand alone PCB
pin count -
auto MDIX Yes
Wake on Lan Yes
Power Down Mode Yes
typ. Power Consumption > 120 mA
MCU core ARM Cortex-M0
Core speed 48 MHz
RAM 48 kB
ROM 128 kB
I/O ports 53 GPIO
SPI (max. speed) 80 MHz
PHY chip IC+(IP101G)
Related Chip/Module W7500
Connector Type DB9
Serial I/F USB
serial connector count 2
Ethernet connector RJ45
pin pitch 2.00 mm
voltage regulator (LDO) Yes
MAC address inside Yes
PoE possible No
Ethernet Speed 10/100
UART (max speed) 921k
parallel memory bus No
Debug I/F UART
Manufacturer WIZnet
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