W5200 Ethernet Shield

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W5200 Ethernet Shield is compatible with Official Arduino Ethernet Shield and supports fast SPI and 8 sockets.

We are providing W5200 Ethernet Shield CAD File that were created in the free software, Eagle CAD that are downloadable from CadSoft.

You need to change the existing W5100 files to W5200 library files.

1. Install W5200 library Overwrite w5100.cpp, w5100.h to the “/libraries/Ethernet/utility” folder in your Arduino IDE.

2. Using the W5200 library and evaluate existing Ethernet example. In the Arduino IDE,  go to Files->Examples->Ethernet and open any example, compile and upload the file to Arduino board.

3. Note: libraries/Ethernet/Ethernet.h needs the following at line 10 instead of “#define MAX_SOCK_NUM  4, since it doesn’t #include “w5100.h” ”

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