• Java enabled
  • Dual band 2G/3G (EU/US)
  • Built-in TCP/IP stack
  • I/O reserved
  • CE certification


MLB-G3002 is dual band 2G/3G modem designed for RS-232 and USB communication over TCP/IP via any readily available 2G/3G carrier networks. Overall, it offers a more cost effective and time to market solution for bridging remote machine to machine over diverse locations without first having to invest and engineer a huge complex network.

MLB-G3002 uses the RJ45 Connector to provide power and data communication interface. LEDs are used to indicate the status of the terminal.

MLB-G3002 can be used to provide wireless communications link for many applications, including metering, fleet and asset management, vending, security and alarm monitoring, e-maintenance and other telemetry applications.

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